Introducing Cision Connect

The largest, most complete traditional media and social influencer database – combined

Access 1.4 million expertly curated journalists, outlets and opportunities, plus 1 billion social influencer profiles in one place.

Highlights of Cision Connect

  • Powerfully simple search: Instantly get suggestions for topics, influencers, reporters, editors, outlets and more. Filter by contact type, geography, and/or our expertly curated beats and topics to find the perfect match for a pitch
  • Curated, master profiles: Gather more contact information, performance metrics, social profiles, pitching tips and content streams
  • Fast, effortless list building: Browse media profiles and add them to new or existing lists from search results
  • Workflow integration: Integrate with your trusted corporate Office 365 or Google Workspace to send and record emails to the media and keep a centralized record of your team’s communication

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